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We don't have products available for sale yet.

We do; however, have a small selection of some preliminary designs. Feel free to contact us if any of them strike your fancy.

HaleyEars Earhoodie
(with mascot Amoebae)
Earhoodie Back MagicVest
MagicVest MagicVest Back MagicVest Back FuzzCollar
FuzzCollar FuzzCollar FuzzCollar Back EarthPants
EarthPants Back Sheer Top Sheer Top Back SkyPants
SkyPants Back Sailor Pants Sailor Pants Back Urban Yeti
Baby Dragon Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
Note hookears on hood
Baby Dragon
rear profile
B.D. and shiny raver B.D. and shiny raver
Album created by album script from MarginalHacks by D. Madison on Fri May 25 22:40:42 2007